Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bottle Bill Gets Trashed By Tennessee Senators

The most recent push to pass the Tennessee Bottle Bill SB 1404 was trashed. On April 14, 2009 Senator Doug Jackson supporter of the bill opened the session after Tennessee's tourism director agreed that the trash situation in Tennessee was bad for tourism, During the legislative meeting Senators Falk Yager and Johnson voiced their opposition to the bill. It looked like for sure the bill would die after Senator Jack Johnson suggested a committee be formed to address the issue. That threw the whole momentum off. "Like this hasn't been studied to death." What needs to be studied? All one has to do is go outside every once in awhile and look at all the glass and plastic bottles on the ground. Nobody is claiming responsibility so somebody needs to! Us and them. Convenience store owners would oppose this bill because of the work it would involve to abide by the program. Like drug dealers selling drugs to users, it seems the store owners don't really want to be responsible, or have any part of it, This bottle bill should be a no-brainer but special interest and conflict of interest got in the way. It was just learned that Senator Johnson owns a convenience store in Williamson Co. Tn. Who knows why the others voted against it?????