Sunday, January 6, 2013

Trash on the Stones

Today I witnessed....Trash on the Stones. The Stones River, a tributary of the Cumberland River is a majestic old river. The river ran red from American Patriots during the Civil War, Andrew Jackson built his first home along it's banks and the oldest exposed fossils from the Ordovician Period litter it's shores. Native Americans camped and raised families and buried their dead here. They considered this paradise, the Garden of Eden...Why would civilized human beings in the 21st century litter what they claim to be their playground???

What I observed was trash from fisherman, campers, and recreational boaters. The same people that use this  place for their entertainment. Can we get together and put some peer pressure on our fellow neighbors??? Can we show the rest of the country that we are serious about "Our Outdoors."

If you are interested in making money...Tennessee is ripe for that activity concerning the outdoors. I propose a serious campaign to to Stop Tennessee Trash!!!! Anybody Onboard?????????????????  We are not in ARIZONA OR MARGARITAVILLE OR GRIZZLY's our NATURAL's our WATER!!!! Lets be a ROCKSTAR and be good stewards of the earth. It's been good to us for thousands of years!!!

Note: All this trash was found along with thousands of other items of human carelessness along the Stones River, Janurary 6, 2013.